lamb fragola

wait a bit before we know for school, for home... i hope ....
cocoRosie soooooon !

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  1. j'espère pour vous que tout se passera au mieux

  2. un petit coin de "paradis" à la campagne, quelle chance, je croise les doigts pour vous ... et ce printemps si joli qui s'invite dans ce photos ... c'est beau *

  3. i adore your blog.....it is so sweet and such a dream. i love how child like it is and just random, wonderful happy things. thank you for such delight!
    your post about Laterna Magica, the company with the wonderful films.....i was wondering, how do you see the films that are listed on their site?? there are some that just captured me! but i would love to see clips of them. i am a filmmaker (of children's fairytales and odd, wonderful things) and an artist. would love for you to visit my site.....
    and my blog.

    will visit yours often!!
    have a happy day!

  4. je croise les doigts aussi...
    et oui un petit coin de paradis à la campagne, c'est vrai que ça fait envie...