au chalet

we arrived there on a cold night - 17 ° ... but too soon the rain came and the snow has almost melted . so we stay au chalet with the program of cracking nuts in order to make early spring the famous oil de papo & mamée !


laterna magica # 2

Un petit tour du côté de Isidro Ferrer...

et ....

I wanted to see with her small films like this one, but little P. fell asleep!


toccata et mordicus

Toccata et Mordicus are also waiting for the sewing machine that is at the repairer...
Little P. like Malin comme un singe !


bambies and ...

a grey sunday : drawing, finding a good place for mr water and watching/listening & so so adore
mùm with christina gransow

sweet afternoon

dreaming of an sweet afternoon ... chez Bogato is too far , but I can't resist this terrible cake with violet and lavender , which stretched me out arm in our beloved bakery!
rediscover this cookbook inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and dream again!


laterna magica

I'm so happy: Laterna Magica begins next week with a program which looks so great, especially for animated films (la Nounou de Garri Bardine, Der Lauf der Dinge , le Cirque de Calder...) And this year my little P. will come with me !


bambies and ...

so many things in progress ...

swan and ...

livres de chevet : Martine (not especially like the stories ,but the drawings are so beautiful !) Perlette goutte d'eau , un classic du Père Castor and our dear Totoro .



friends ,papillon ,friends :happy little time in Paris last week!