les ruses de renard

the last day at school was very great .kids made lanterns and we did a little walk by night before dinner around fire ( pumpkin soup and cinnamon rolls ) holidays have begun with a so beautiful concert* , un tout petit peu de neige et la decouvert d une chouette cabane....
.............................joyeux Xmas...


petits sablés

his sunday we made some coockies. the recipe (from ringo atelier) came from the new doolittle.
we add the beetroot and matcha to color the icing.
the fog makes us so lazy ...


cut it yourself

we are waiting for her... we cut our hair ourself... grand mother's hanger... funny dress of a funny friend... petites choses...


le thé de popov

exactly 4 years ago , we were in reykjavik for the sugarcubes anniversary . little p. was in my belly , it's maybe for that she loves so much bjÖrk ! now she would like to go in iceland : since last summer she would like to see geysers again ..... me too !


tourbière ...

last week end :switzerland +jura
& aussi first fire dans notre cheminée ...


les petites filles

sweet time- tea time -brocki time -friends time - spielplatz time


très souvent

et voilà lisa ...
le bas du pantalon toujours retourné,des boots bientôt fichues,un bonnet hand made pas par moi,un collier chapeau de playmobil ... avec des petits brillants,une robe et toujours un foulard


l'attrape rêves

il fait froid ...enfin , her newspaper & marcel
flétta #9 my favorite