très souvent

et voilà lisa ...
le bas du pantalon toujours retourné,des boots bientôt fichues,un bonnet hand made pas par moi,un collier chapeau de playmobil ... avec des petits brillants,une robe et toujours un foulard


l'attrape rêves

il fait froid ...enfin , her newspaper & marcel
flétta #9 my favorite



marcel came at home ! he is very curious, climbing on our legs as if we are trees and meows when a little girl carries him too often ...
in cinema last wednesday ... happy to see friends and capelito


happy week end

a very nice week end ... we celebrate fall with a steiner school and our: children have collected mushrooms, almonds, hazelnuts and grapes.

they made flying chestnuts and pressed juice of grapes with their feet!
en famille, we also visited a farm with goats mohair ... i 'm now ready for cold weather with these new mohair socks les mitaines de gini !

beautiful village & happy brocki
oh and last week I was seeker in an english movie (he plays in the movie pour de vrai) oh oh it was so funny !