çi & çà

we visited this wonderful shop: if one day I live another time in town , I would like to have a so beautiful bike like this one , ou celui là  ...
but next time we gonna drive celui ci !
aujourd'hui , nous fouillons dans le grenier , it smells 70's

on the road again

we feel better on holiday ... thank you for your nice comments!
few days in lyon: cute shops with a very happy little girl on her favorite carousel!


au revoir marcel

I'm feel so sad, our little cat was killed by a car this morning. He gonna miss me, ce petit mordillu .
Hope we gonna have nice holidays in order to forget this bad day.

 "My little P. you can eat chocolate when you're sad..."



i missed brocki

satursday's bonne pioche


bobo choses

on veut tout


happy time/cold time.