totto chan

I've just finished Totto-chan ,who became my favorite book !( merci beaucoup m, pour m'avoir fait découvrir cette fabuleuse Totto-chan**)it was very interesting to read this book in same time we are looking for a school for our little girl... saturday we 'll visiting this one (RECREE) lost in the countryside !
balthazar - help me to make alone - these books are inspired by montessori pedagogy (here with fragrant cards)
soon... fragola & rucola


swan and...

happy frühling to you !!



I received so beautiful presents for my birthday few weeks ago ...
this fabulous mobile reminded me a work I started ... and never finished! so it's with the sweet sound of Joanna Newsom that I intend to finish it


enjoy paris

and this time a sunny paris ! with a little girl really happy to see the eiffel tower , jumping on the hotel's bed , see our friends in their newly decorated house (N. make wonderful elk' s heads and S. loves neon pink) ,visit a very cuty new born and have a capuccino time at the new grand bonton!
back à la maison I put my new shoes from switzerland (oh thank you my dear L.!!!)


petite maison

while she painted her little house, I look at pictures of Norway , it was last year ... this yellow house has left me dreamy !
how to make small houses ...
moriarty/alela diane